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is it data or data

Somehow I knew exactly what you where asking

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Do you ever get those moments where youre like OMG IM GONNA BE PRETTY IM GONNA BUY REALLY NICE MAKE UP AND DO MY HAIR NICE EVERYDAY AND WEAR CUTE CLOTHES STARTING TOMRROW IM GONNA DO IT and then the next morning u just roll out of bed and put on the same pair of jeans uve been wearing for 7 months

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how come phineas is always like “i know what we’re going to do today” maybe ferb had an idea you ass

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Sisters (x) (x)

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”Beauty is more than just shining for others. You don’t need to have the perfect face to be beautiful. Being ugly or beautiful is a matter of energy, and true beauty comes from the heart.”

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Rob and Kristen | Behind the Scenes - BD Part I

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I love when Shay edits the videos! (x)

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someone called me fat today at school because i was eating chips in math class so i looked at them, then to my bag of chips, then poured the rest of the bag inside my mouth and without breaking eye contact, pulled out another bag from my backpack and kept eating

I fuckin love you omg

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Kristen Stewart | W magazine (2011 and 2013)

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Via/Follow The Absolute Greatest Posts…ever.


Via/Follow The Absolute Greatest Posts…ever.

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